Dr Mary Dimambro - Managing Director

Mary is a project manager with 12 years experience in the environmental sector. Her experience includes:

  • Application of composts to agricultural land 
  • Composting of organic municipal and industrial wastes
  • Anaerobic digestion and the use of digestates in agriculture
  • Effects of environmental change on plants and ecosystems
  • Entry Level and Higher Level Environmental Stewardship
  • Energy Crops Scheme

Dr Joachim Steiner, Co-founder and Business Development Manager

Joachim is one of the founders of Cambridge Eco Ltd. He learnt the ropes at the successful "green-tech" technnology consultancy Sentec, which is also part of the Cambridge technology cluster. Joachim's original background is in physics. A keen part of the Cambridge networking circuit, he is currently developing the business of Cambridge Eco Ltd. His linkedin-profile can be found here.


Dr Clive Rahn - Associate

Dr Clive Rahn has over 30 years applied research experience at national and international scales in the nutritional requirements of crops. He led the recent revision of the national fertiliser recommendations for field vegetable crops.  His interests includes 

  • Release of nitrogen from crop residues and composts.
  • Utilisation of models to predict nutrient losses from crop rotations.
  • The practical application of research at national and international scale.
  • Chartered scientist and member of the Institute of professional soil scientists.
  • MBA (Warwick), BASIS (fertiliser) and FACTS qualified.

Rob Lillywhite - Associate

Rob Lillywhite's main area of interest is the interaction between agriculture, horticulture and the environment. His expertise includes:

  • Environmental accounting - carbon and environmental footprinting, mass and energy balances
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture
  • Composting, anaerobic digestion and the application of organic materials to agricultural land
  • Nitrogen balances in agriculture
  • The nitrogen nutrition of crops and the release of nitrogen from crop residues

Dr Francis Rayns - Associate

Francis is our key organics associate, based at Coventry University. Key areas of expertise include:

  • Soil fertility, including fertility building crops, crop rotations and the use of green derived compost
  • Nutrient budgets 
  • Comparing organic and conventionally managed soils

Emma Powlett - Associate

Emma has a clear understanding of issues that link the environment to the food and farming sectors. Prior to setting up her own Rural Management Consultancy businesses she was for 14 years the MAFF /Defra’s lead on Rural Economic and Development issues across the East of England region.

Through this lead role Emma has had strategic experience in developing policy and initiatives that have influenced the sustainable development agenda both at a regional and national level. Emma has wide experience in influencing and working in partnership with a wide range of rural stakeholders and organisations that have brought about a positive change to the rural economy.
Emma’s key role with Cambridge Eco is currently in the compilation of RDPE funding applications.


Prof. Ralph Noble - Associate

Prof Ralph Noble has expertise in a range of areas including:

  • Use of waste materials in horticultural growing media
  • Eradication of pathogens during composting
  • Mushroom composting - influence of straw types and other crop residues on compost quality; reducing heavy metal content
  • Waste composting, use of composts to control soil-borne pathogens; controlled composting technology