Renewables and Energy Efficiency

Sustainable Energy

Thanks to David JC MacKay, who gave us permission to make his book "Sustainable Energy — without the hot air" available to download in pdf format. The book dispells most of the myths concerning how to solve the energy crisis in the future. It explains clearly what can and cannot work on the basis of numbers rather than on the basis of political agenda.


The East of England is the leading region in England in delivering renewable energy. The region is already producing 9% of the electricity it uses from renewable energy and is well on course to reach the 14% target by 2010. The renewable sources include onshore and offshore wind, biomass and energy from waste and landfill.


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Our renewable energy services

Areas of expertise include:

*Anaerobic digestion

* Energy crops: short rotation coppice and miscanthus

* Wood fuel: in depth knowledge of biomass boilers